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A Guide to Hope-based Communications

by Open Global Rights

Published | January 2019

Building narratives


A Guide to Hope-based Communications serves as a framework to shift the communication approach of human rights work towards a positive, hope-based narratives. It guides the reader through each steps, highlighting the importance of positive communication towards achieving better outcomes.

Why read

This framework is a more positive approach towards human rights work and helps to learn about a communications strategy that enables hope and positive framing of human rights.


The guide explains how human rights workers can define and frame their work towards a hope-based communications approach. It recommends five basic shifts in the way how to talk about human rights.

First, talking about problems should also be extended to talking about possible solutions. Next, there should be a positive approach towards what human rights work stands for, not only naming what it opposes. Third, opportunities shall be created to be part of making things better. Also, the communication strategy of human rights work should express their support for individuals, not only groups and emphasize what they achieved. The last step would be a shift from naming catastrophes to a “we got this approach” in order to offer a positive solution and a better world.

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