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The Framework for Information Incidents

by Full Fact

Published | January 2022

Tackling mis- and disinformation


"The Framework for Information Incidents" is a new shared model, designed to support the collaboration between counter-misinformation actors and help different organisations in collaborating effectively when there is an information crisis.

Why read

The tool guides decision-makers at different organisations to understand, respond to and mitigate information crises in proportionate and effective ways.


The Full Fact tool guides users to judge how severe an information incident is, via five levels of severity;

Level 1: convene response group, Level 2: Determine severity level and identify challenges, Level 3: determine aims and responses, Level 4: setting evaluation goals and an initial time period, Level 5: execute responses.

An information incident is a cluster or proliferation of inaccurate or misleading claims or narratives, which relates to or affects perceptions of or behaviour towards a certain event or topic happening online or offline. This can occur suddenly, or have a slow onset.

Additionally, the framework identifies challenges presented by the situation and provides two case studies as examples, it also guides users in thinking through possible collaborative aims and responses which are proportionate to severity in order to create a comprehensive response plan.

It is designed for decision makers and practitioners as well as actors from technology sector, government, civil society, official information provision, the media, and others.


The Framework for Information Incidents (Website)

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