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A history of civic space, 2024–2034

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Between April and June 2023, a cohort of 15 civil society participants (individuals or teams) from diverse backgrounds and organisations engaged in ten weeks of collaborative imagination to develop alternative future scenarios for civic and civil society operating space in an exercise called “A history of civic space, 2024–2034.”

The report presents and analyses the outcomes of this foresight exercise, which used a narrative scenario-writing and signals-scanning method called ParEvo. It proposes practical ways to build on the outcomes of this ParEvo exercise, offering activities for teams – within organisations or as cross-sector groups – to build on the scenarios and themes to anticipate and prepare for possible futures.

The outcomes of the ParEvo exercise – as shared in this report – will inform the third phase of the initiative “Anticipating futures for civil society operating space”, which will focus on operationalising insights from the scenarios and translating them into concrete organisational strategies and practices.

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