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The Solidarity Action Network (SANE) brings together international civil society organisations (ICSOs) and their local partners to support each other when faced with undue threats and challenges to their operations or civic space restrictions more broadly. SANE enhances cooperative mechanisms for joint actions beyond public statements of solidarity to push back against clampdowns on civil society.

SANE activities:

Solidarity Playbook

▶  A collection of case studies on resilience and solidarity mechanisms developed by (I)CSOs and coalitions to address civic space restrictions and changing operating conditions for civil society.
▶  The Playbook key findings showcase different ways civil society actors can act in solidarity – from quiet to public-facing.
▶  Individual webinars are offered to interested organisations and networks to present and discuss the Playbook.

SANE curated conversations

▶  Closed virtual events dealing with different civic space issues and providing a safe space to share experience, challenges and lessons learned.
▶  In 2022 the focus lies on cybersecurity and digital risks. An accompanying guidance Navigating cybersecurity: Guidance for (I)CSO professionals has been developed to help civil society actors better respond to cybersecurity challenges and digital threats.

SANE resource directory

▶  A secure online platform will be developed in 2022 providing resources and expert contacts to address threats and clampdowns faced by (I)CSOs.

Anticipating futures for civil society operating space

▶  A three-year initiative to strengthen anticipatory capacities and future readiness of civic space-focused civil society professionals that will create synergies between SANE’s civic space community and the futures-focused Scanning the Horizon’s community.
▶  The initiative aims to increase awareness and readiness of (I)CSOs in addressing current and future challenges at the intersection of civic space and crises, develop future scenarios, and translate them into concrete strategies to become more futures-ready.
▶  In 2022, we will conduct a mapping exercise, explore possible partnerships, and convene the International Civic Forum (ICF) in November 2022 on complex future interlinkages between crises and the enabling environment for (I)CSOs.

SANE at the local level

▶  Commissioned and published Scoping Study on Operating Conditions of Civil Society in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (oPt). The study is used to inform policy and advocacy efforts and to identify possible solidarity mechanisms to support (I)CSOs.
▶  Capacity strengthening support provided to the first registered umbrella organisation of Afghan associations in Germany (VAFO), funded by the Open Society Foundations.

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