CyberSTAR (Cyber Safety Assessment and Response)

Countering digital risks


A project protecting civil society and independent media organisations in the Eurasian region from cybersecurity breaches and routine data loss.


The CyberSTAR project helps small organisations to understand, learn about and manage digital safety by focusing on six thematic areas: digital risks, digital identity, passwords, devices, data and conversations.

CyberSTAR provides support to CSOs to improve their online safety through:

  • Organisational digital safety diagnostics
  • Direct technical assistance
  • Extended training and policy support

CyberSTAR’s resources are available in English, Russian, Georgian, Uzbek and Romanian. Coming soon, the CyberSTAR Methodology and Training Kit will support at-risk CSOs to develop a sustainable culture of digital safety.

CyberSTAR is created and run by the SecDev Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation based in Canada that helps communities pursue digital opportunity, safety and citizenship.

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