The HiveMind community offers a learning space for digital activists.


The HiveMind community helps civil society actors to build their digital resilience, providing a space for learning and exchange of practice.

HiveMind will help CSOs in the following areas:

– Support in leveling up your media literacy skills: digital safety and security, building positive narratives, media skills, countering disinformation and online campaigning. Learn at your own pace with HiveMind’s online courses.
– Support with methodologies and educational materials to spread knowledge further and educate others in local communities.
– Help prepare and deliver online training. HiveMind provides their Community of Practice with an online space to lead their workshops, webinars and meet in a safe learning environment.
– Give you an opportunity to network with trainers from different countries. HiveMind connects you with trainers or organizations from different countries to learn lessons from local contexts.

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