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Campaign Toolkit – Countering cyberhate against Roma

by Minority Rights Group Europe

Published | January 2020

Building narratives Tackling mis- and disinformation


The Campaign Toolkit guides civil society actors to identify hate speech and how to respond to it with counter-narratives.

Why read

This resource creates startegies for civil society organisations to counter hate speech especially against Roma in Europe.


The toolkit evolves out of a two-year programme Freedom of Hate, which tests and evaluates effective counter-narrative campaigns targeting online hate speech against Roma communities in Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, and across Europe. This programme works with civil society organizations (CSOs) in the target countries to develop effective campaigns to challenge online hate speech.

It is structured as follows:
• In Chapter 1, the international and European legal frameworks are outlined with a
focus on the existing definitions of hate speech and current freedom of expression
safeguards, the challenges posed by online hate speech, the role of IT companies
in addressing these issues, and possible ways to respond to it.
• In Chapter 2, strategies to counter hate speech are explored and guidance on how
to plan, design and run an online campaign is provided, with a section focusing on
safety measures to ensure personal security and wellbeing.
• Chapter 3 of the toolkit provides information and tips concerning the
organization and development of a training event, covering various aspects from
logistics to evaluation.
• Chapter 4 includes references to useful resources as well as tools developed by
MRGE that offer a starting point for developing an online campaign or delivering
a training session on countering hate speech online.


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