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Civic Freedom Monitor

by The International Centre for Not-for-Profit Law

Published | 2020

Monitoring civic space

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The Civic Freedom Monitor is a web-based platform that provides constantly updated information on civic space and citizen activism in every country of the world.

Why read

It is a useful information tool over the status of civic space worldwide, focusing on countries and organisations.


The website of the monitor provides up-to-date and regularly updated information on legal issues affecting civil society and civic freedoms, including freedoms of association, expression, and peaceful assembly. It maintains reports on fifty-four countries and eight multilateral organisations.

Each country report provides an overview of key legal issues relating to civic freedoms, with a focus on legal barriers to civil society activity. Each country is placed in one of five broad categories – closed, repressed, obstructed, narrowed, or open –based on its overall respect for civic freedoms.

Each report on a multilateral organisation provides an overview of the organisation and the legal issues it deals with, affecting civic freedom and civic participation.

There are also archived country reports which are no longer updated.


Link to Civic Freedom Monitor

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