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Civil Society Support Mechanisms: A Directory


Published | March 2017

Monitoring civic space


"Civil Society Support Mechanisms: A Directory" provides an overview civil support mechanisms, mentioning networks available to support individual civil society actors and organisations.

Why read

The directory gives hands-on support to civil society actors under threat and entails a database on national, regional and global mechanisms.


The directory was produced to provide information to the vast network of organisations and mechanisms that support human rights groups in general, and many that support civil society in particular. In order to strengthen and promote their work, civil society organisations, human rights defenders, journalists, activists and others rely on alliances between each other, the sharing of best practices and lessons learned, and constructive engagement with governments and intergovernmental institutions. These networks foster greater connections between ground-level issues and global-level processes, and amplify the voices of civil society in global decision making. This solidarity is especially critical for civil society when it is under threat or attack.

The resource lists mechanisms available to assist individuals and organisations based on their specific threat or based on their location. The database is divided into national, regional and global mechanisms and contains information on how to engage each mechanism as well as contact details for each.


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