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Communicating protest: How to frame persuasive messages

by European Center for Not-for-Profit Law

Published | March 2022

Building narratives


"Communicating protest: How to frame persuasive messages" is a short guide for activists on how to use protest effectively to achieve their campaign objectives.

Why read

The guide provides tips and examples for protesters and activists on how to identify their priorities during busy and difficult moments. It showcases ideas of how they can frame their messages and organise activities to make a moment of conflict into a persuasive opportunity. It also covers protests from around the world highlighting different issues and cultural contexts, where activists have successfully got their messages across.


This very short guide offers guidance on how to shape messages at protests. With this, ECNL provides tips and examples for activists on how to best address 5 protest communication priorities:

  1. Expressing an overall campaign vision;
  2. Creating protest activities to enhance the message;
  3. Directing responsibility to the person/group or authority that is ignoring your perspective and causing the protest;
  4. Making it clear who is protesting and their perspective;
  5. Encouraging people to join in.


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