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Countering Disinformation


Published | September 2021

Tackling mis- and disinformation


"Countering Disinformation" is an ambitious effort to take a global look at measures to combat disinformation and promote information integrity.

Why read

The guide provides an overview on strategies to counter mis- and disinfo for civil society organisations worldwide.


This guide is looking at measures to counter disinformation as a collaborative examination of what is being done, what is working, and who is doing it.

While disinformation has long been a challenge to democracy, the digital age necessitates a renewed commitment and fresh urgency to match the scale, speed, and pervasiveness of online information threats. Meaningful access to a healthy information environment is integral to the functioning of free, rights-respecting societies; as such, countering disinformation and promoting information integrity are necessary priorities for ensuring democracy can thrive globally in the next century and beyond.

The topics of this guide are divided into three broad categories, examining the roles of specific stakeholder groups, legal, normative and research responses, as well as a crosscutting issues for addressing disinformation targeting women and marginalized groups, and elections.


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