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CSO Meter – Assessing the civil society environment in Eastern Partnership Countries

by Simona Ognenovska, Luben Panov and Eszter Hartay; CSI; TIAC; Promo-LEX Association; UCIPR

Published | December 2020

Monitoring civic space

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The CSO Meter supports regular and consistent monitoring of the environment in which civil society organizations (CSOs) operate in the Eastern Partnership countries. It consists of a set of standards and indicators in 11 different areas to measure both law and practice. It is based on international standards and best practices.

Why read

The CSO Meter scoring can be used to improve and develop civic space by providing analysis, methodology and tailor-made indexes from the region for the region.


The CSO Meter provides a holistic picture that helps understand the context and identify priorities. The country reports allow the civil society sector to have a clear plan of progressive law reforms needed. The reports so far have formulated over 569 recommendations for future advocacy to improve civic space, many of which partners have already started implementing.

With the CSO Meter and its country and regional reports, you can:

  • Compare findings under each area year by year and track progress or regression.

  • Compare achievements or obstacles in one country to those in another.

  • Propose evidence-based solutions for advocacy and policy-making and organize debates on challenges and proposed recommendations.

  • Prepare infographics or other promotional materials.

  • Assess proposed legislation affecting the environment for CSOs.

  • Develop more detailed thematic reports based on the information collected.



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