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Cybersecurity Handbook for Civil Society Organizations

by National Democratic Institute

Published | June 2022

Countering digital risks


The Cybersecurity Handbook is a guide for civil society organizations looking to get started on a cybersecurity plan.

Why read

This guide was written to help civil society organisations develop an understandable and implementable cybersecurity plan.


The handbook is an open-source resource designed to help civil society organizations develop an understandable and implementable cybersecurity plan. A security plan is the set of written policies, procedures, and instructions an organization has agreed upon to achieve the level of security it think is appropriate to keep its people, partners, and information safe.

The guide includes explanations of key security topics that organizations and their staff should be aware of, essential strategies and recommended tools to limit risk, and tips and links to additional resources that can help an organization implement such recommendations.

The handbook is available in English, Arabic, French, Georgian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian.

The material is also available as an online course and additional information can be found.


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