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Deepening the response to authoritarian information operations in Latin America

by National Endowment for Democracy

Published | November 2023

Tackling mis- and disinformation


"Deepening the response to authoritarian information operations in Latin America" examines civil society’s response to the intensification of authoritarian information manipulation targeting democracy in Latin America.

Why read

This report helps civil society actors understand authoritarian information operations and how to effectively address them.


Authoritarian governments are escalating their efforts to manipulate the information ecosystem globally in order to undermine democratic institutions, advance their own interests, and buttress their autocratic allies. In Latin American information spaces, regional authoritarian actors are increasingly collaborating with global allies such as Russia and China to amplify messaging harmful to democratic institutions. Given this collaboration, what should the democracy support community understand about the nature of these attacks, how they are evolving, and how they impact democracy? What is the state of the civil society-led response in the region and how might it adapt to more effectively address evolving challenges?


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