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Disinformation Toolkit

by InterAction; Sarah Oh; Travis L. Adkins

Published | June 2019

Tackling mis- and disinformation


The Disinformation Toolkit outlines steps civil society organisations can take to be better prepared for disinformation attacks.

Why read

This report provides answers to how online disinformation affects the work of civil society and aid organisations and which steps can be taken to counter it.


The toolkit aims to help organisations identify and push back on harmful behaviours and trends related to online information in order to decrease the sector’s vulnerability to false information and propaganda designed to divide communities or cause violence. It offers a baseline of definitions and different practices to guide organisations on how to address disinformation attacks based on 5 WHs: Who, what, when, where and why.

The toolkit shows insights from on-the-ground experience responding to disinformation attacks such as those disrupting relief efforts of the White Helmets in Syria or those in the humanitarian crisis affecting the Rohingya in Myanmar. It provides practical tips for how organisation leaders, as well as communications and security experts, can increase their preparedness, and lays out advantages and disadvantages of countering an online attack.


Disinformation Toolkit (Website)

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