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ECNL Learning Center – Security and Counter-Terrorism

by European Center for Not-for-Profit Law

Published | 2022

Tackling impacts of counter-terrorism


The ECNL Learning Center on Security and Counter-Terrorism is an educational thematic module on security standards and civic space.

Why read

This ECNL Learning Center module serves as resource for civil society organisations (CSOs) on how different elements of security and counter-terrorism measures, such as risk assessment or de-risking, affect the space they work in. Users of the Learning Center can dive deep into how different counter-terrorism measures affect civic space and how they can respond to them.


The Security and Counter-Terrorism module on the ECNL Learning Center is designed to give you an overview of the key CFT/AML processes, introduce the main actors involved, and illustrate the impact of undue restrictions on the day-to-day activities of CSOs.

We currently have 4 packages:

  1. Introduction: how security standards impact civil society work;
  2. Access to financial services: what is bank derisking and how to respond;
  3. Risk-based approach: how the nonprofit sector can be part of processes that assess its risk to terrorist financing;
  4. Effective advocacy: what the most effective strategies are for CSOs to push back against undue restriction.

In each learning package you will find:

  • essential information providing context as well as a deep-dive into each selected issue;
  • short explainer videos;
  • testimonials from your peers;
  • case studies that introduce the real-life impact of civic space issues in different countries;
  • key resources including webinars, briefers, research materials and policy papers that will support your work.


ECNL Learning Center: Security and Counter-terrorism

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