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Framing Equality Toolkit

by ILGA-Europe; PIRC

Published | January 2017

Building narratives


The Framing Equality Toolkit provides a guideline to change communication strategies to shape political systems and social structures.

Why read

The toolkit can make developing a new communications strategy easier as it provides the steps needed to increase support of a social issue and to achieve a better outcome.


The toolkit is a guide for strategic communications in NGOs, with a particular focus on LGBTI+ activism as it evolved of a two-year collaboration focusing on how to increase public support for LGBTI+ equality. As our societies are built on stories which can shape political systems and social structure, a new framing of communication strategies can help to enable support for a social issue, like LGBTI equality.

Three key stages are named to frame communications: First, the task has to be defined through getting clear on your goals and visions. Next, the frames of the task have to be created, keeping in mind the three categories of problem, solution, and motivation. Third, your framing needs to be tested and refined if necessary.

Through changing the framing and thinking, culture can be reframed and changed towards the support of previously neglected social issues.

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