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Global Nonprofits Guide

by DLA Piper, European Center for Not-for-Profit Law and PILnet

Published | 2024

Developing risk management strategies


The Global Nonprofits Guide is a free online tool to navigate the nonprofit laws around the world.

Why read

Setting up a nonprofit from the ground up can be complicated, especially when you are looking for a new location for your organisation due to less favorable laws in your home country. The Global Nonprofits Guide will help you to unpack the laws around different forms of nonprofits, the registration process, internal governance structures, compliance with employment and tax regulations.


The Global Nonprofits Guide helps CSOs that are facing civic space restrictions navigate relevant legislation to avoid legal and practical restrictions. It also supports CSOs who need to relocate by providing information on legislation in other jurisdictions, helping them in their search for a location to register their CSO. Itprovides an easily accessible and user-friendly online platform on nonprofit laws globally. It helps users:

  • Identify a suitable country if they are unsure where to register;
  • Review nonprofit laws in a specific country;
  • Compare nonprofit laws in different countries.

The support provided through the Guide is linked with potential pro bono support by lawyers as well as resource materials to help organisations gain deeper understanding of the legal aspects covered in the Guide.


Global Nonprofits Guide

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