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Global Participation Intensive

by Doing Things with Stories

Published | 2023

Building narratives


The Global Participation Intensive is a mentored open contest that invites narrative practitioners to co-create a book. Besides this, it provides five episodes focusing on narratives and story telling.

Why read

The episodes offer learning and action points for everyone to tell stories through a narrative change framework.


Doing Things with Stories (DTwS) is a global initiative and an invitation for passionate change-makers to collectively imagine a better future by way of stories.

In this Global Participation Intensive, DTWs is inviting everyone to think with the Narrative Change Residents on how things can be done with stories to orient towards hope, collectivity, and action. In five different episodes, drawing from expertise and practice from around the world, you can get to engage with reflections, conversations, and case-studies to learn and be inspired to do new things, fun things, exciting things, critical things, with stories.

Each of these episodes has exclusive content that looks at the ways in which these experts engage from their own locations, approaches, and practices, to make narrative change possible. The episodes come with their own formats, prompts, exercises, tasks, and conversations, broken down into smallvideos, audios, and texts, for you to engage with and learn from. Each episode addresses one central question, and offers learning and action points for you to tell the story of your own practice, through a narrative change framework.

These are the five episodes:

  1. Reframing the Crisis
  2. Changing the Narrative
  3. Against all odds: Doing Things Differently
  4. Hope on the Horizon
  5. Talking Change


Doing Things with Stories (webpage)

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

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