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Guide to Reporting Civic Space: Media Toolkit


Published | March 2017

Monitoring civic space


This Guide to Reporting Civic Space helps to define what civic space is, its threats, challenges and the pivotal work being done across the world to protect and promote civic space. It seeks to identify, refine and explain the different groups and processes involved.

Why read

This toolkit is a useful, informative tool for connecting journalists and media with the challenges and opportunities currently happening in civil society. It provides story ideas, angles, and prompts designed to help media and journalists cover these issues better.


The guide was proudced in the context of shrinking civic space and media while civil society organisations are facing increasing threats. However, civil society is responding by finding new and innovative ways to maintain space. New media or social media has become an effective, accessible tool for active citizen participation and engagement.

The guide is structured in three sections, providing information about the toolkit and introductory background on civic space, outlining key concepts for reporting civic space, including what makes a story newsworthy, and unpacking gender balanced reporting and the three fundamental freedoms associated with civic space, and offers stories ideas.

The guide is available in English, Spanish, and French.



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