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How to Do Horizon Scanning: A Step-by-Step Guide

by Futures Platform

Published | October 2021

Navigating civic space futures


The How to Do Horizon Scanning guide explains how to conduct horizon scanning and futures thinking in practice.

Why read

With this guide you can learn how to spot the emerging signals of change in your operating environment and future-proof your strategies.


Horizon scanning, also known as environmental scanning, is a foresight method used for discovering early signs of potential change. It is a systematic process that enables organisations to spot trends before they emerge into the mainstream and identify key action points to proactively shape desirable futures.

By conducting horizon scanning, you can:

  • Identify key drivers shaping your organisation’s operational environment

  • Understand important development themes and needs

  • Increase operational preparedness and organisational agility

  • Form a shared understanding of the potential threats, risks, emerging issues, and opportunities among your team

  • Create robust and future-oriented strategies.


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