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How to Message on The Rights of People From Marginalized Groups: A Communications Guide for Organisations Promoting Human Rights

by Civil Liberties Union for Europe / Israel Butler

Published | May 2023

Building narratives


The Communications Guide enables civil society actors and organisations to promote human rights in a public sphere and therefore lines out a human rights approached communication guideline.

Why read

This guide is a tool for organisations in the human rights sector that want to communicate more effectively with the public to build support for human rights-related causes.


With this guide, Liberties provides a tool for civil society organisations, foundations, international organisations and national bodies to promote human rights among the majority population. That is, an audience who does not, at first glance, consider themselves to be directly affected by the harms inflicted on the marginalised group in question. Put otherwise, the guide is more about how communicators can persuade the ‘majority’ population to support equality for marginalised groups than about mobilising people from the marginalised group itself.

This guide should be read in conjunction with the Liberties sister guide, ‘How to message on human rights: A communications guide for organisations promoting human rights’.


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