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Mapping Anti-Muslim Discrimination and Information Manipulation, and its Impact on Humanitarian Aid and Development

by Gerald T FitzGerald, George Mason University

Published | January 2024

Addressing anti-rights groups Tackling mis- and disinformation


The report maps the landscape of US-based non-state actors that have engaged in information manipulation campaigns against Muslim-led humanitarian aid and development INGOs. These actors include think tanks, advocacy groups, and their funders.

Why read

This report makes aware of how information manipulation attacks against Muslim-led NGOs work and who's behind such attacks and raises awarness of the impact.


The harmful effects on Muslim-led INGOs produced by information manipulation attacks include the triggering of investigations by charity regulators, government agencies, and Congress. Information manipulation campaigns can also make their way to financial institutions, contributing to financial access challenges for INGOs. This can manifest in account closures, account refusals, and delayed or canceled international wire transfers, which can also have knock-on effects on life saving programs abroad. The generators and promoters of manipulated information then cite any investigations and bank account closures as further “evidence” of malfeasance. To defend against these sustained attacks, the targeted INGOs are forced to divert resources intended for people in need to public relations and political communications functions.


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