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Narrative Strategy: The Basics

by Liz Manne Strategy

Published | January 2022

Building narratives


The guide Narrative Strategy: The Basics explains a narrative strategy through which narrative change can be achieved. It focuses on the connection of multiple stories to get a beneficial new narrative strategy.

Why read

This resource explains of what a narrative strategy looks like and what general points have to be considered.


This guide explains the basics of narratives strategy in which multiple connected stories must be put together to reinforce beneficial and counter harmful narratives. Narrative strategy is practiced in forging, spreading, and reinforcing beneficial narratives and with this, to counter harmful narratives. It entails three important points: cultural organizing, storytelling, and the narratives themselves. The guide explains these steps in general and mentions examples like gender justice or caregiving as examples.

It highlights as well how narrative strategy implementation can be measured: through content testing on engagement and persuasion of the audience, tracking of media and public opinion and policy tracking. It is important to keep in mind that narrative interacts with personal beliefs and behaviours, cultural norms and conversations and structural policies. Narrative strategies are there for small-scale campaigns to change a single policy but can also be used to enable long-term movements and to change worldwide culture.

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