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Nonprofits Beware: You Can Get Hacked Too

by TechSoup

Published | October 2018

Countering digital risks


"Nonprofits Beware" provides an overview for NGOs to get to know if they were hacked, why this could be harmful and hwo to handle a hacking situation.

Why read

This guide assists in finding out if your organisation has been hacked and what to do in that case.


The guide describes how hacking can be a serious problem for non-profit organisations and not just for them but also for their donors.

It guides through signals of a hacking attack to NGOs, mentioning the server, webiste and social media accounts as potential weak spots. Second, it provides an overview of how to deal with the situation, focussing not only on internal aspects but also warning partners and donors. Finally, the tool gives tips how to prevent hacking attacks and mentions security protections.


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