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Power over rights: Understanding and countering the transnational anti-gender movement

by Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy

Published | March 2021

Addressing anti-rights groups


"Power Over Rights" explains the transnational anti-gender movement, their actors, how they operate and what organisations can do about it.

Why read

The study gives recommendations expecially to pro-governments and their supporters aiming to counter anti-gender campaigns.


The study offers a way forward from a policy perspective how to tackle the transnational anti-gender movement. It provides an analysis of the origins of the anti-gender movement, the actors who drive it forward, the issues they mobilise against, and the narratives and strategies they employ. The purpose is then to support pro-gender governments and other like-minded actors in better understanding anti-gender campaigns and developing effective strategies to defend human rights for all.

The study argues that the anti-gender movement must be analysed within the context of the general decline in freedom around the world, in particular the shrinking space for civil society.

It offers 10 key takeaways to understand anti-gender movements and counter them effectively. Additional to this, case studies are provided to outline concrete policy recommendations for governments committed to human rights for all, and in cooperation with civil society, how to counter anti-gender campaigns.


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