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Pt. 1: Narrative Power and Collective Action: Conversations with people working to change narratives for social good

by Oxfam Policy & Practice

Published | July 2020

Building narratives


"Narrative Power and Collective Action" is a compilation of conversations with people working to change narratives for social good. It provides valueable insight into the impact of narratives in the social context.

Why read

The conversations share practical tips about lived experiences with narrative building in order to protect and open civic space.


The compiled conversations with over 20 collaborators from across the world share their knowledge, ideas, tips, and tactics from their lived experience on narratives.

Narratives are a form of power that can mobilize and connect, as well as divide and isolate. Social, public or dominant narratives help to legitimize existing power relationships, prop them up or make them seem natural.

As an anthology of perspectives this knowledge offering is one way to amplify different and diverse ways of knowing and doing narratives. Narratives are made up of many stories, tweets, online content, offline conversations. They keep deeply held ideas about society and people in place, for good and bad.

Narratives are not something that happen over there, they are part of us and we are part of them. We can challenge or reinforce narratives on daily basis. We can use practical knowledge to guide us now and as we move into the future. Narrative knowledge and framing know-how can help us to open civic space, collaborate better and amplify others, helping us to be part of the biggest ‘us’ we can be.

The document is available in English, Spanish and French.



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