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Reframing Migration Narratives Toolkit

by International Centre for Policy Advocacy

Published | August 2023

Building narratives


"Reframing Migration Narratives Toolkit" is a set of resources for progressive campaigners working to put diversity and inclusion back on the public/policy agenda and counter populist narratives.

Why read

The whole toolkit can help campaigners do better in the migration debate.


This toolkit targets progressive campaigners and activists/advocates wishing to better engage the middle sections of society in order to push back the mainstreaming of populist narratives and put diversity and inclusion back on the agenda. There is a broad realisation that the standard approaches of only arguing facts and rights is not serving the progressive agenda, and as more and more populists influence the migration debate in Europe, it is needed to try something different to rebalance the public discussion.

Europe in general is the main focus for these guidelines with a greater emphasis on Germany and UK as these are the countries in which we have most hands-on experience. However, we also draw on practice from the USA and at the global level, and as we see that the narrative challenges in the debate are often quite similar, we do hope the toolkit can offer some useful campaigning insights for many.

The toolkit website contains reframing guidlines, campaign cases, core lessons and tools as well as a toolkit FAQ.



Link to toolkit

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