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Resilience to Disinformation

by Civic Resilience Initiative, Kościuszko Institute, Detector Media

Published | December 2022

Tackling mis- and disinformation


"Resilience to Disinformation" analysis how the Lublin Triangle states (Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine) combat Russia's disinformation campaigns.

Why read

The report provides background information and key findings on counteracting Russia's disinformation and recommendations for stakeholders.


The report “Resilience to Disinformation” was created by three non-governmental organisations from the Lublin triangle cooperation, established in 2020 between the countries of Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania. It highlights the challenges emanating from Russian disinformation and propaganda activities in the three countries. Next to some background information, the analysis presents key findings, how Russian disinformation targets civil society groups and other cooperation systems as well as how to combat these disinformation efforts through coalition and resilience building.

The report presented a number of recommendations addressed to stakeholders, international organisations and donors, civil society, and media. These recommendations include:

●        Raising awareness, which is the cornerstone of resilience to Russian malign information campaigns;

●        Nominating a critical coordinating body responsible for strategic communication both in the country and abroad;

●        Developing or strengthening a comprehensive real-time monitoring system;

●        Engaging in practice and know-how sharing with other countries and partners that are highly exposed to Russian disinformation;

●        Encouraging international and multilateral political dialogue on uniting efforts to combat disinformation;

●        Implying a transparent and measurable evaluation system to track the effectiveness of the efforts to build resilience to disinformation.


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