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RESIST 2: Counter-Disinformation Toolkit

by UK Government Communication Service; Dr. James Pamment

Published | January 2021

Tackling mis- and disinformation

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"RESIST 2" is a framework to support multilateral and civil society communicator looking to protect their audiences and defend their organisation against the threat of mis- and disinformation.

Why read

The toolkit assists in preventing spread of mis- and disinformation and reduce its impact on audiences.


The updated version of the RESIST toolkit promotes a consistent approach to the threat of mis- and disinformation by providing six steps to follow. It explores new techniques and tactics that organisations can effectively identify, monitor and respond. It will enable you to develop a response when mis- and disinformation affects your organisation’s ability to do its job or  its reputation, the people who depend on your services, or represents a threat to the general public.

The toolkit takes a systematic, evidence-based approach to help organisations building societal and individual resilience to disinformation. RESIST toolkit consists of five main sections respectively on: early warning, situational insight, impact analysis, strategic communications, and tracking effectiveness. Each of these sections provisions a set of identified threats, partnerships, outcomes and case studies.

By the end, a set of five annexes is attached to help communicators in ensuring quality as follows:

  • annex A: Glossary of common disinformation techniques
  • annex B: situational insight
  • annex C: structured analysis techniques
  • annex D: the FACT model
  • annex E: the OASIS model.


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