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Rights at Risk – Time for Action

by The Observatory on the Universality of Rights

Published | January 2021

Addressing anti-rights groups

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"Rights at Risk - Time for Action" explains anti-rights movements worldwide, gives examples and highlights their impact but also resistance stories. It is useful to understand the context of anti-rights threats, discourses, actors and their tactics and strategies as well as their impact in human rights systems.

Why read

The report is a source of information and analysis on anti-rights work and its societal impact.


This report analyses in detail some of the main actors  and the discourses and tactics they use so that policymakers, civil society, and the public are better equipped to counter this influence and to safeguard human rights and the international human rights system.

It explains key anti-rights discourses, such as “gender ideology,” “cultural imperialism,” and “prenatal genocide” as well as it gives an overview of two prominent anti-rights actors (ADF and CitizenGo), their organizational profile, their leadership and the main tactics they employ. Next to this, the report offers a systematic examination of key tactics and strategies anti-rights actors use to undermine human rights systems, from disguising their goals to acquire formal accreditation, to infiltrating UN NGO committees and lobbying to place anti-rights actors in key positions.



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