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Risk Management Scorecard

by Interaction

Published | September 2023

Developing risk management strategies


The Risk Management Scorecard is a practical way for organizations to better understand the effectiveness of their risk management efforts and identify improvement opportunities fit for rapidly changing contexts.

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Integrating practitioner insights and data collected by InterAction over the last six years, the scorecard is a powerful resource that can be used jointly with other assurance tools to help organizations evaluate and improve their risk management approaches.


The Risk Management Scorecard is a diagnostic tool accessible to any NGO interested in identifying strengths and weaknesses in their current risk management capabilities and practices. It gives organizations access to new and actionable insights that are typically difficult to uncover. It will help NGOs and their teams:

  1. Assess the impact current risk management models have on staff, partners, affected communities, and overall program quality.
  2. Identify common risk management traps and how they affect the organization.
  3. Prioritize focus areas for breaking traps, make evidence informed decisions, and continually improve.
  4. Develop greater awareness of how risk management approaches are viewed across the organization and how gaps in understanding or priorities might affect teams, programs, and humanitarian objectives.

As an Excel-based tool, the RMS starts with a survey that takes most respondents 45 minutes to complete. Respondents can instantly access their results in a summary dashboard, explore detailed scores, and identify areas that need immediate attention.

The survey can be completed either by an individual reflecting on their organization as a whole or by multiple individuals responding based on their respective roles. Results are visualized using a “dial chart” showing the areas of greatest weakness and strength for each survey completed, offering rich comparison potential. Users can also explore the detailed responses, highlighting areas that need improvement versus those that can be celebrated.


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