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Security Auditing Framework and Evaluation Template for Advocacy Groups (SAFETAG)


Published | September 2021

Countering digital risks


"SAFETAG" is a professional audit framework that adapts traditional penetration testing and risk assessment methodologies to be relevant to smaller non-profit organizations based or operating in the developing world.

Why read

The tool provides assistance to get cyber risk assessments for NGOs.


SAFETAG audits serve small scale civil society organisations and independent media houses who have digital security concerns by working with them to identify the risks they face and providing capacity-aware, pragmatic next steps to address them.

Traditional security audits are based upon the assumption that an organisation has the time, money, and capacity to aim for perfect security. Low-income at-risk groups have none of these luxuries. SAFETAG combines assessment activities from the the security auditing world with best-practices for working with small scale at-risk organisations.

SAFETAG auditors lead a risk modeling process that helps staff and leadership take an institutional look at their digital security problems, expose vulnerabilities that impact their critical processes and assets, and provide clear reporting and follow up to help the organisation strategically move forward and identify the support that they need.


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