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Supporting Civil Society in Acute Crises

by Global Public Policy Institute / Jakob Hensing, Melissa Li, Julia Friedrich, Philipp Rotmann

Published | March 2023

Developing risk management strategies


“Supporting Civil Society in Acute Crises” provides a systematic analysis of relevant past experiences on how support of civil society actors can influence acute crisis dynamics and gives recommendations on future improvements.

Why read

This resource is helpful for international actors to take into account and improve the impact of civil society actors in a crisis setting towards stability and peace.


This study takes a look at crises settings and the importance of different civil society players in shaping the dynamics of a crisis and the way to a peaceful solution. While outside support has been critically important to many civil societies, a common lack of strategic direction on the part of donors has limited its effectiveness toward better governance, greater stability or peace.

These findings and resulting policy recommendations are based on an analysis of the impact of donor support to civil society actors in four recent crisis settings: Belarus, Sudan, Lebanon, and Mali. In addition to the academic case study literature and publicly available sources, this study is based on almost 100 interviews with donor organization officials, civil society actors and experts across the four country contexts.


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