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The Strategic Foresight Book

by IFRC Solferino Academy

Published | January 2024

Navigating civic space futures


The Strategic Foresight Book dives into strategic foresight in the humanitarian sector, presenting helpful exercises to guide strategic foresight processes.

Why read

This book will prepare you for the possibilities of the future and can help sharpen your strategies as you anticipate obstacles and spot opportunities.


Strategic foresight is a practical way to explore emerging issues and uncover new options for action in the humanitarian sector. It helps us anticipate challenges, engage with uncertainty and sharpen our decision making. It is also a powerful way to connect with communities and imagine new possibilities.

This book will not teach you how to predict the future, but it will prepare you for the possibilities. It will not give you definitive answers, but it will help you ask decisive questions.

It takes what the IFRC Solferino Academy learnt and created  as they have used strategic foresight across the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) network over the years.

The book examines how strategic foresight connects to key areas, including leadership, creativity, innovation and decision making. It also presents practical activities and exercises which you can use to run your own strategic foresight process.

The book shares the tips, tricks and tactics to explore the future. It explains how to change the way to think about the possibilities, how to use creativity to enhance analysis, how to run effective workshops, and how to turn ideas into action.


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