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Three horizons: A toolkit to help you think and plan for the long-term

by Future Generations - Commissioner for Wales

Published | January 2023

Navigating civic space futures

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Three Horizons is a framework that helps people to think and plan for the longer term rather than being so stuck in the here and now that they miss opportunities, don’t spot risks or make decisions that don’t stand the test of time.

Why read

This toolkit helps to think about how and why the way things are currently done is not fit for purpose, in what ways emerging trends might shape the future, what an ideal future should look like and the kinds of visionary actions that are needed to get closer to that future.


This toolkit is for anyone who is involved in making decisions that need to consider the future and future generations.

The model can be applied to any issues to help think about:

  • The need for the current situation to change (Horizon 1)
  • Ideas for how to get there from where we are now (Horizon 2)
  • A vision for the future (Horizon 3)

It is straightforward and intuitive. You can work alone or with a group. You can use this technique if you are short on time and have a shoestring budget, or you can use it for more in-depth discussions and workshops.


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