Phase 2: January – December 2023

Developing and engaging on future scenarios


The second phase focuses on developing future scenarios for civic space through a collaborative online exercise. It uses a narrative, scenario-writing and signals-scanning method ParEvo to build the scenarios. ParEvo is a method of exploring alternative futures (or histories), using a participatory evolutionary process (hence ParEvo). Fifteen participants (from ICSOs, CSOs, networks and philanthropy) engage in the ParEvo exercise “A history of civic space 2024 – 2034” and develop stories about possible futures through eight iterations of storytelling. On two occasions we open the exercise to external commentators to receive feedback and collect ideas what trends we might be missing in the stories.

The ParEvo outcomes will be summarized in a report, which will be widely shared in the following dissemination phase, workshopped at the International Civic Forum in November 2023, and used as a springboard for further activities.

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