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Against the Wave: Civil Society Responses to Anti-Right Groups


Published | November 2019

Addressing anti-rights groups


"Against the Wave" gives a detailed overview about what anti-rights groups are, how they work and how they impact civil society space.

Why read

The report provides a better understanding of anti-rights groups, their impacts and tactics.


This report aims to help CSOs to recognise and expose impacts and tactics of anti-rights groups and to get detailed strategies to counter anti-rights movements, hate speech and disinformation with a variety of examples and cases.

Anti-rights groups have risen in prominence and are now a key part of the repression of civil society space – civic space – seen in most countries of the world. In some contexts, civil society reports that their main threat comes not from arms of the state but from anti-rights groups.

The report mentions key strategies to fight back against different anti-rights groups. These include a collective working between different parts of civil society but also collaboration with political parties, states and other groups who potentially are sceptical about anti-rights movements. Further startegies are a more effective advocacy to counter disinformation and hate speech, building connections to the public, including mass mobilisations and counter-protests and furthermore the reclaiming human rights language from the civil society sector.


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